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Thanksgiving Day in marked by a holiday in United States. Basically it is celebrated on the 4th Thursday of the month of November so this year it is on 26 November 2015. Read on to find more about Thanksgiving Day, the Mayflower, the Pilgrims, Squanto, its day and date, history behind the day and some interesting facts exclusively at here.

Thanksgiving Day History

The history of this Day has its root in the era of late 15th century. Though what started as a prayer of thanks before the harvest is celebrated today also with special thanksgiving ceremonies. Many controversial history surrounds its first celebration but we will not go much in detail and will stick to the basic idea of celebrating it.


Thanksgiving Day Tradition:

A special meal with family and friends marks the day. A special thanks prayer is offered by many people to acknowledge what they have. Many Thanksgiving special recipes are prepared to rejoice together with near and dear ones.

Public parades are organized by people and communities in cities and towns around all of US. The event also kick start the festive season for the Christmas and New Year celebration. This is the right time for the people of US to plan trip with family.

As the day is a holiday so most of the offices remains closed for the day. But public places and shopping plazas remain open for the people. As most of the people are out for celebration so this day is from one of the busiest day in US. Parades and ceremony events contribute heavily to the congestion and traffic on the streets.

Thanksgiving Day Celebration:

Mostly whole of the US gathers to celebrate Thanksgiving Day with family and friends. To make it more special there are spectacular performances by performers from music, film, sports, theater and television industry. Each year some big names join the festive.

Also people groove to the high stepping numbers including ‘Honeymoon in Vegas’, ‘The Last Ship’, ‘On the Town’ and ‘Side Show’. The TV shows preview the LIVE performances from all over the cities for the viewers who want to rejoice at home.

Stay tune for more updates on Thanksgiving Day pictures, special TURKEY dishes, desserts, home decorating ideas and more. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

Updated: October 29, 2015 — 4:00 pm

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